We offer in-house accounts preparation and production of statutory accounts. A member of our team will take the information provided by you and input this into one of our financial software programmes, and will then go on to produce end-of-year financial statements that comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

These will be discussed and agreed with you prior to being submitted to relevant fiscal authorities.

Tax Returns

We currently have numerous Personal, Partnership and Corporation Tax clients. Our firm will calculate your tax liabilities and assist you in the preparation & submission of your tax returns to HM Revenue and Customs. We will advise you of your liabilities and will remind you when these are due for payment.


We have an in-house payroll department, which is headed by a payroll manager with over 24 years experience. We will compute wages and PAYE liabilities on a weekly and monthly basis as required and will complete the statutory forms and returns in respect of PAYE.

We will also handle PAYE enquiries, giving advice and assistance in dealing with HM Revenue and Customs.

VAT Control

Our in-house colleagues regularly compute VAT liabilities for our clients, and submit numerous VAT returns each month on their behalf.

We will also handle any VAT enquiries that arise, with assistance in replying to and dealing with HM Revenue and Customs.


A member of our team will assist in the preparation of Cash-Flow, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet forecasts, where required.

These can be used when requesting financing arrangements from banks and other lenders. These also serve as a good management tool for company directors.


We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping facility in conjunction with the preparation of accounts and taxation services.

We are happy to train and support clients’ bookkeepers.


We are able to train clients and their staff on accounting packages, bookkeeping and accounting procedures relevant to your business.

Once the initial training has taken place we will monitor progress and provide assistance when required.

Statutory Company Forms

We can assist with completing and submitting all statutory Companies House forms, in respect of limited entities. These forms are completed diligently and accurately and submitted on time to Companies House.

Company Formation

A member of our team is always on hand to assist in the formation and/or purchase of limited companies and the completion of all related paperwork and administration.


We are registered as auditors by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and as such will carry out statutory and non-statutory audits where applicable. Our in-house accounting colleagues will assist our Auditors in compiling and completing the audit procedures within auditing framework and compliance with auditing standards and regulations.

Tax Investigation

We are experienced at handling tax investigations, and have a good working relationship with HM Revenue and Customs. We will assist in responses and give advice where instructed.

We will handle investigations and enquiries for our clients and for prospective clients, who instruct us to act on their behalf.